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Our site is organized into three main features: The RegiWiki(™) and  The Village and our Blog.


The RegiWiki(™) is our premier Beauty Database of information on Natural Hair, Relaxed Hair, Enhanced Hair (wigs, weaves braids, etc.), Makeup and Skincare. It contains four sections:

  • The Basics: If you’re looking for basic hair care information and but don’t know where to begin:
  • Beyond Basics: In-depth information for your beauty concerns.
  • Products: Testimonials and details about products for hair, makeup and skincare.
  • Video Library: An extensive and growing library of hair, skin and makeup tutorials.


In the Village, we have USERS, INFLUENCERS, BRANDS & PROFESSIONALS (licensed professionals such as Hair stylists, Makeup Artists, Skin Care Specialists and Stylists). You can share ideas and tips with other Sisters in our community or ask questions about your beauty issues.

Click here to Partner with us as an INFLUENCER, PROFESSIONAL or BRAND! 


Search for other Sisters based on name, hair type or beauty journey, and send or accept "Connections" requests to make new friends.


Post comments to or join one or more Tribes based on your current hair & beauty journey 

The Blog

Find articles on beauty & health related topics such as:

  • Celebrity news & Pop Culture
  • Events
  • Hair & Beauty
  • Health & Wellness
  • Social justice issues                                                                                


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The Natural Movement vs. The Natural Movement: The Battle Within

The natural hair movement isn’t a new phenomenon. For those of us born in the ‘60s and ‘70s we can remember living in the times of the black cultural revolution where black hair infiltrated the mainstream media with powerful images of activist Angela Davis and actress Pam Grier rockin’ their natural afros everywhere. In those times wearing your natural hair was based on a resistance to the racist Euro-centric “idealistic” beauty standards and a proclamation of black self-love.


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